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Now I take it to the beltgrinder and carefully grind to shape using my contactwheel and small wheels. The I buff the edges using a hardsewn wheel with very litle polishingcompound. I sue this rough red waterbased type.

next it is time for the beltloop. I have cut a piece of kydex approx the right size leaving it plenty long.

Using aluminium profiles to press the hot kydex around a steelbar the same size as a regular belt.

Here it is cooling of while I press it down

trimmed and buffed I drill holes and champher them so it looks cool.

I give them my "ANSO" stamp

Finally I use a rag and some Acetone to clean/buff the edges.

And the final packages...!

And as promissed a look on how to attach the Tek-Lok. I use two screws and the fit all the holes on the sheath for multiposition carry.

end of tutorial.
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