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I use a piece of plywood with smooth surface as a working this case it is the lower piece of my kydexpress...the toppiece is same size plywood with 2-3 layers of blue sleepingmat glue on with sprayglue. I use maskingtape on the blade to leave enough room in the sheath to avoid skratches.Using cottongloves I am getting ready to heat the out where you put the knife in this process!

The handle of the knife is placed outside the working plate close to the edge. The hot kydex is placed on top.

The "sandwich" is clamped down and left to cool of for 5-10 minuttes

This shows what will be the top of the sheath. (I ussually make "pancake" sheaths...putting two pieces of kydex together.)

Now I mark for the eyeletholes. I use a master made from aluminium with holes matching a Tek-Lok...this way I am sure that no matter how I put in the holes they will allways fit a Tek-Lok. I make my own beltclips (more later) but like to be able to use the Tek-Loks. Marking one hole I make sure not to move the master and then mark the next.

I put 6 eyelets in this kind of sheath....hence 6 markings.

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